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Organic Nutmeg, 25 gr.

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Organic Nutmeg, 25 gr. - High quality organic product containing many useful nutrients. Supports the nervous and digestive system.

Certified organic product.

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Organic Nutmeg, 25 gr.
Organic Nutmeg, 25 gr.

Organic Nutmeg, 25 gr.




Nutmeg is the glory of spice with unique and specific aroma and flavor
In culinary spice it is ideal if you combine with black pepper, bay leaf, onion, parsley root soup. Nutmeg is a perfect addition to various frikaseta, pates, soups, sauces, vegetable dishes. Without him famous Bechamel sauce with mushrooms would not have the same taste. In India wren is used almost exclusively in confectionery, dokatov Europe wren and the bark is used very often in potato dishes.
Nutmeg and bark have similar tastes, but the taste of the wren is different in that it is the tiny little sweeter. The bark has a bright orange color and is preferred in the preparation of sauces bright because gives them appetizing color.
From many years of nutmeg prepare cough syrups and is used for diseases related to the nervous and digestive system. External oil wren can relieve rheumatic pain, and also dental pain.
Nutmeg is used for flavoring all savory dishes: mashed potatoes and cream soups spinach or cauliflower. It can also be added to the thick vegetable soups, light sauces, eggs, fish dishes. It is a traditional spice for sweet dishes like egg creams, puddings, sauces, Christmas cookies and punch.
When cooking is best to use clips nutmeg. Use it sparingly, since food can acquire sapunest taste. The aroma of nutmeg is strongest when grated, so you can buy grater especially for this purpose. When heated, nutmeg loses its flavor. Therefore spice is added only after the dish is cooked.

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