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Organic Red pepper, 50 gr.

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Organic Red pepper, 50 gr. - High-quality organic product containing vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenes and vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Supports the immune and circulatory system.

Certified organic product.

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Organic Red pepper, 50 gr.
Organic Red pepper, 50 gr.

Organic Red pepper, 50 gr.



Paprika or Red pepper is one of the most beloved and worn spices in Bulgarian cuisine. In Bulgaria almost no meal or traditional food, which do not add red pepper. Typical taste is sweet spice that leaves spice, so it is very suitable to flavor vegetable dishes and fish.
Red pepper is of two kinds - paprika and cayenne pepper. Both are found in powder or small flakes that sedobivat by grinding or crushing of dried red peppers or chili peppers. Sweet paprika is made from sweet red peppers and gives the food a slightly sweet taste.
The aroma of red pepper is completely released during thermal processing. We need to use it carefully, its treatment to be short and mild, because the high temperature in the sugar and spice overcook it taste bitter.
Red pepper is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenes and Vitamin E. It helps to successful absorption of iron, maintaining the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels, eyes, skin, liver, and others. It is a powerful antioxidant and contains large amounts of minerals - phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and dr.Cherveniyat pepper but very tasty and is especially suitable for illness when you feel tired and lose appetite. It brings a lot of nutrients and vitamins our body.
The plant belongs to the family. Potato and originates from Central America.
There are many varieties of peppers, which yield paprika and which differ in content of spicy substances. In culinary use as sweet and chilli.

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