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Organic muesli Amaranth with fruits - 500 gr.

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Organic muesli Amaranth with fruits - 500 gr. - High quality organic product rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Healthy breakfast every day!

Origin: Germany

Certified organic product.

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Organic muesli Amaranth with fruits - 500 gr.
Organic muesli Amaranth with fruits - 500 gr.

Organic muesli Amaranth with fruits - 500 gr. 




Dried fruit 31% (raisins, Kaisa, apples, figs), whole oats, whole wheat flakes, amaranth 11% honey, buckwheat, vegetable oil, cinnamon, rice flour.

May contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, milk sugar. It contains gluten.

Cereals are a common snack for children and adults. They are delicious and healthy food, which has many benefits for your body and maintain your good forma.Te include lots of fiber and tend to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. Thus fiber protect against heart disease, digestive functions and help cleanse the intestines. Moreover, fiber reinforced immunity and help in the fight against inflammation. They rise good cholesterol through its antioxidant ingredients. Breakfast cereals regulate blood sugar levels, as the magnesium therein promotes glucose uptake into the body and for the secretion of insulin.

Breakfast cereals are preferred by people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Muesli, oatmeal or cornflakes - any of them stop you guarantee a useful and tasty snack.


Take care of your health, use natural products, combine them with yoga practicemeditation and ayurvedic massages, and will significantly improve their lifestyle by returning its natural life balance.

You can find this and many other bio products on our website, and also stores the Centers for Happiness Art of Living.

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