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Course Art of living - Happiness Program

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Course Art of living - Happiness Program

The course is held in over 150 countries, with more than 30 million people have experienced the benefits of it.

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Course Art of living - Happiness Program
Course Art of living - Happiness Program

Course Art of living - Happiness Program



Art of Living Happiness Program (Art of Living) is an extremely effective program for dealing with stress and development of full human potential. A unique part of the program is complex yoga positions and breathing techniques that completely release emotional and physical stress, bring peace and vitality of mind and body, improve concentration and memory and strengthen the immune system.


The course also includes basic principles for a full life, and individual and group processes that they cause to look at life from a new, lighter and wider perspective.


- Yoga positions for the whole body;
- Energizing breathing techniques;
- Sudarshan Kriya - purifying and regenerating breathing process, harmonizing body and mind, removing stress at the cellular level;
- Fun interactive processes;
- Practical wisdom for a full life.

Yoga is a science that leads the way in exploring human nature and its aim is to reach pure consciousness, peace and bliss in us. Yoga reveals the hidden laws that govern the mind and gives us the means to deal with emotions such as anger, remorse, guilt, envy, fear.

When these emotions we cover our vital energy depletes our body engaged, our mind is enervate. Through the techniques of yoga - physical and breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation, and through the application of knowledge in everyday life we ​​recharge the body and mind, we gain valuable time for yourself, your work, your family and for society. Yoga teaches us how to keep our balance when we are joyful and happy, and how to move successfully through stressful situations, keeping control. Or simply put - through yoga we take care of our body and mind, as to touch our spirit (source), which gives us energy and harmonize our lives, make us happier, calmer and more successful.

More information and dates for upcoming courses can be found: HERE

Take care of your health, take advantage of our offers, combine them with yoga practicemeditation and ayurvedic massages, and will significantly improve their lifestyle by returning its natural life balance.


You can find this and many other products and services on our website, and also stores the Centers for Happiness Art of Living.

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