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About Us

In March 2014 "opened" and the online store of the "Art of Living". Since not all of you have the time and opportunity to visit our centers for happiness, we decided to make things easier and make the best quality products we offer even more accessible and it anytime!

In the online shop and in our centers, you can find the whole range of ayurvedic herbal supplements, books with knowledge and wisdom of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, CDs with meditations in English and Bulgarian language, as well as a wide variety of organic food, offer.

Foundation "Art of Living" offers the easiest way for relaxation and good health. It is available to everyone and is extremely preferred because of the unlimited possibilities it provides for combating stress through numerous combinations of yoga techniques that effectively help to our better health and Signal quality of life. Art of Living Yoga includes yoga positions, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, meditation and easily understandable knowledge. Furthermore, you can take advantage of Ayurvedic massage centers of the foundation, which can give you and your body a memorable, relaxing and recharging experience. Make your individual and pulse diagnosis with specialized Ayurvedic doctor to find out what a healthy diet can apply in your life to achieve perfect health and improve your self-esteem.

Here you will find the best deals, so that you - our customers can take advantage of the best quality products and services to the market and without breaking your budget. We aim to achieve the best customer service, excellent prices and fast delivery.

You can visit the centers happiness of the "Art of Living" at the following addresses:
c. Sofia, Bulgaria blvd., jk White Birches, bl. 11 and bl. 12 (intersection of Bulgaria blvd. And St. Nishava)
c. Sofia jk Studentski grad, ul. Akad. Stefan Mladenov 50
c. Sofia, Business Park Sofia, jk Mladost 4, Business Park Sofia, Building 12
c. Sofia, National Palace of Culture, Angel Kanchev Str. 43 (entrance from the Boulevard. Evtimii)
c. Stara Zagora, bul. Tsar Simeon Veliki - BIO shop and Ayurvedic Center
 c. Stara Zagora, ul. Ilinden 20 - Yoga Center

Our online store works with a courier company Speedy and your delivery is guaranteed on time and on schedule. Do not spend unnecessary time in shopping, already with one click you can ensure healthy and quality products of the "Art of Living" and at the most advantageous prices for you!


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06 Apr 2021

06 Apr 2021

06 Apr 2021

06 Apr 2021

06 Apr 2021


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